Fur Storage & Cleaning

Henig Furs offers cold storage & cleaning for fur, leather, cashmere & wool. Bring your garments to your nearest store - click here to find a store near you. Or, purchase storage online by clicking here. Our storage season lasts through Dec. 31 of each year. 

Our convenient Ship & Store option online makes storing & cleaning your furs easier than ever!

Maintain the value of your fur with 3 simple steps - 

1. Purchase storage online, by clicking here.

2. We'll send you a box for you to use to send your furs to us for storage. You may request that FedEx come pick up your storage by calling FedEx customer service at 1-800-463-3339. We'll store your garments in our cold storage vaults until you call us to get them out of storage.

3. Chat with us, email info@henigfurs.com, or call us at 334-277-7610 when you're ready to get your furs out of storage. We'll ship them back to you using FedEx signature required delivery.

How to Ship & Store!


Where can I store my fur?

Henig Furs has stores throughout the Southeast and you can bring them to any of our stores for storage - click here to find a store near you. Or, you may purchase storage through our website with our Ship & Store option. We also have events, click here to view our upcoming events!

When do I need to store my fur?

We recommend storing your fur every year and cleaning your fur at least every other year. Most people store their fur around Easter and get it out of storage around Halloween, but you're welcome to store your fur whenever you'd like. We welcome all furs regardless of where they were purchased. 

Why do I need to store my fur?

Your furs are vulnerable to moths, heat and humidity, which can damage furs. Furs lose their natural oils if they are not stored and cleaned & conditioned regularly. And, once the natural oils are gone, they can be be replaced. The fur will begin to dry out and eventually fall apart once the oils are gone. If furs are stored & cleaned regularly, they can last a lifetime!

When they are not in cold storage, we recommend hanging your furs loosely in a cold, dark closet. Let the furs breathe, don't put them in a garment bag or plastic bag unless you're travelling and then only for a short amount of time. During the summer months, store your furs with us to be sure that they're protected from heat, humidity, moths, theft, and damage, in our climate-controlled vaults. 

Questions? Please use our chat or call our main office at 334-277-7610.