Protecting your investment - Easy Care Tips

Protecting your investment - Easy Care Tips

Caring for your fur - Protect your investment

Furs need to be professionally cleaned & conditioned regularly

Even if your fur has not been worn, it needs to be cleaned & conditioned regularly to maintain the natural oils and keep the fur from drying out, and eventually falling apart.

  • Bring your garments to your nearest Henig Furs for cleaning & conditioning - find a location near you!
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Fur Care Tips:

  • NEVER dry clean or use commercial products on your furs
  • Avoid spraying perfumes or hair products while wearing your fur.
  • If your fur becomes wet from rain or snow, shake it out and hang to dry (do not place near heat)

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Furs need to be stored each summer

During summer months, seek professional fur storage in a cold storage vault to protect your garments from heat, humidity and moths.
Fur Care Tips:
  • During fur season, hang your furs on a broad-shoulder hanger in a cool, dark closet - no garment bags or plastic during storage, furs need to breathe!
  • Never store your fur in cedar - it will dry out your fur.

Henig Furs offers a wide variety of quality services to help protect your investment, click here to learn more. Have additional questions? Use our chat, call 334-277-7610, or visit your nearest store.
We welcome all furs, regardless of where they were purchased!



Caring for your fur - Protect your investment - Easy Care Tips 


When the garment is brought in for storing, an experienced fur associate will examine your garments carefully. We'll notify you of any needed repairs, and provide you with a quote before completing any work. Loose linings should be sewn and worn fastenings replaced. If you need a repair on your fur, bring it to one of our locations or call (334) 277-7610 for more information.

We can repair all furs, whether you purchased your pieces from us or from another retailer.


Give your fur a new look with our fur restyling service. It's so simple. Just take your old fur out of the closet and bring it in to the experts at Henig Furs. (Or, ship it to us at: Henig Furs, 4135 Carmichael Rd. Montgomery, AL 36106. Please reach out before shipping your fur, or include a note with what you'd like to do, and we'll contact you with a quote or with any questions). Our expert furriers will transform your fur into something new! See a wonderful change take place by updating your old fur and watch it become a garment you will enjoy for many years to come! You can even turn your old fur into a throw blanket or pillow. That’s the beauty of fur restyling!

The following are just a few of the many options available:

  • Add a permanent or detachable hood and/or belt
  • Add an all-weather lining and make your fur reversible
  • Turn your full-length coat into a 4-in-1 coat, or a stroller AND a vest
  • Change the style, sleeves, or length
  • Add fur trim or change the border
  • Replace or add buttons
  • Add or remove collar and cuffs
  • Turn an old jacket into a vest, then use the sleeves to make accessories
  • Add a fur collar to your fur, leather, cashmere or wool garments
  • Turn your old fur into home goods, like a throw blanket, or pillows
  • And so much more! 

Bring your fur to your nearest Henig Furs to discuss your restyle options. Click here to find a location.

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We repair and restyle furs from all retailers.