Restyle Your Old Fur Into Something NEW!

Whether you inherited your grandmother's old stole or you are just tired of your fur, we have a wide range of options you can do at Henig Furs!

It's really simple. Simply bring in your old fur to the experts at any of our Henig Furs locations and tell them what you want to do, whether it's simply changing the length or something dramatic like shearing it for a lightweight feel or adding an all-weather lining to make it reversible. There are so many options!

While you're giving your fur a makeover, you should go ahead and have it cleaned and conditioned as well. During the summer months, you should store your fur to maintain its beauty and protect it from heat, humidity and moths. Also, don't forget we can clean and condition your leathers and cashmeres as well!


  • Add a permanent or detachable hood or belt
  • Turn your coat into a 4-in-1
  • Make a stole, purse, headband, blanket and more!
  • Re-size your fur
  • Add gussets, buttons or a zipper
  • Change the border
  • Shear your fur
  • Add or remove collar and cuffs to fur, leather, cashmere or wool
  • Turn an old stole into a new vest
  • Make your fur reversible by adding an all-weather lining

Call (334) 277-7610 or visit one of our store locations to see what we can do for you!

Not a Henig Furs in your area? Call (334) 277-7610 to see if we will have an event in your area or to speak with a professional about your options. You can always ship your items to 4135 Carmichael Rd. Montgomery, Al. 36106 and let us know what changes you want. You can also always visit our fur factory in Montgomery, Alabama on your way to the beach!

Remodeling not for you? Trade in your old fur on something new!

A list of our complete services can be found on our services page.